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NF is a membrane separation technology between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane separation technology. An NF equipment is a promising product with its membrane covered with nanoscale holes. It filters out particles of about 1 nanometer and allows some elements through the memebrane to realize separation. It can hold back 200-400 organics molecules and 20-98% of soluble salt. It’s used more and more widely in electronic, food and medical areas as well as other industries (chemical wastewater treatment, petroleum wastewater treatment, pesticide wastewater treatment, life wastewater treatment etc.).

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Quick Details:
  • Place of Origin:Henan, China (mainland)
  • Function:filtering ions of around 1 nm
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Application:water treatment in electronic, food and medical production
  • Power Source:electrical
  • Precision:high precision
  • Quality:top
  • OEM/ODM:Yes
  • Brand Name:Kaiyuan


Nanofiltration(NF) is a sort of membrane separation technology which is similar to ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technology. Membrane of nanofiltration system has molecular weight cut off ranging from 200 to 1000 and pore size of only several nanometers. 

Although functions similarly to reverse osmosis technology, nanofiltration is generally targeted to remove only divalent and larger ions. Monovalent ions such as sodium and chloride will be allowed to pass through the nanofiltration membrane.

NF Flow Chart

The raw water tank - - booster pump - - medium filter - - activated carbon filter - - ion softening system/dosing system - -MF filter - - high pressure pump - - NF - - storage tank


◊Our nanofiltration system can be mainly used for the desalting and softening of brackish water, the concentration and separation of foods and process stream, reclaimed water and waste water treatment.

◊It can also be applied in chemical processes for concentration and separation purposes. NF Nanofiltration Pure Water Equipment.

◊In the field of drinking water treatment, nanofiltration equipment can be applied to remove trihalomethane, odor, undesirable color, pesticides, synthetic detergents, dissolved organic matters, Ca and Mg, and evaporation residues from water.

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